Janitors are Standing up for Good Jobs and Making Gains

More than 3,500 janitors in Toronto have united under Justice for Janitors banner and more are joining every day. Through J4J, working families in Toronto have made important gains.

Ten years ago hundreds of janitors in Toronto were trapped in elaborate subcontracting schemes that denied workers basic protections covered in the Employment Standards Act such as WSIB coverage, EI, vacation time, and CPP contributions. There were cases where workers were not even making minimum wage. Medical benefits was a dream for the vast majority.

Today, thanks to the Justice for Janitors campaign, hundreds workers and their families in Toronto are enjoying benefits, including dental coverage and thousands have won modest but important gains in pay, paid personal days and extra Holidays.

Hundreds of working families have won benefits with J4J in Toronto.

You can enjoy improvements at your workplace too. To find out how call your local Toronto Area office: 905-602-7477.

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