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What is Justice for Janitors?

Justice for Janitors (J4J) is a workers’ movement with broad-based support from the public as well as community, political, labour and religious leaders.

Together we work to provide better wages, benefits, and job security for janitors who clean luxurious buildings yet make poverty wages. For over twenty years SEIU’s J4J movement has helped low-wage workers achieve respect at work and build a better future for their families.

Today more than 10,000  workers have united under the Justice for Janitors banner in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara, Edmonton, and Vancouver. More are joining every day.

Suspect employers continue to drive down standards, putting workers at risk and creating unfair obstacles for janitors who want to build a better future; but together we can change that.

All cleaners deserve a voice at work, a safe and healthy work environment, reasonable workloads, seniority rights, benefits and wages that lets us support our families.

Workers like us have united across North America with SEIU and transformed their jobs into more promising futures. We can do the same.

Founding J4J Meeting in Toronto in 2007.

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