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“I have never had occasion to complain about the state of cleanliness in the mornings.” Founders Square tenant reacts to firing of seven Black janitors

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The Armour Group, property managers of Founders Square, have pointed to poor service to justify the termination of the janitorial services contract with GDI, causing the layoff of seven Black janitors. This Saturday Robert Wright, a tenant …

The good, the bad, and the ugly – An interview with Lynn Jones about the Founders Square janitors and how much of the local press got it wrong

  KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Long time trade union and anti-racism activist Lynn Jones, who helped organize support for the unjustly fired Founders Square janitors, is very pleased with the way Halifax residents responded quickly and wholeheartedly to the Black cleaners’ …

Working While Black: Founders Square tenant Robert Wright says firing of Black janitors is a “travesty of racial injustice”

By El Jones, a Community Organizer, Poet and Academic living on Mi’kmaq territories On Friday morning, the janitors who clean Founders Square held a press conference and rally outside the building. As explained in the press release sent to the media by Darius …

Global News: Black Janitors Fight Racial Discrimination

Halifax, Nova Scotia –A union says it sees a significant problem with a white employee being rehired while the seven remaining employees, who are all black, lose their jobs as janitors in Halifax. Steve Silva reports. For full story click …

Best Service Pros cleaners deliver petition to Labour Board demanding workers’ voices be heard

Cleaners representing five post-secondary campuses in BC are asking the Labour Board to respect the workers’ wishes and open ballots cast in January. VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – A worker delegation from Best Service Pros delivered a petition early Wednesday, signed by …

Campus shutdown at Capilano University averted after workers reach tentative deal

SEIU Local 2 cleaners at Capilano University were set to walk off the job Monday in protest of poverty wages VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA ––Capilano University cleaners reached a tentative deal late Thursday with their Employer, Best Service Pros, as they …

Capilano University workers react to disappointing government minimum wage increase as they gear up for strike votes this week

Cleaners at Capilano University and campus allies are calling for a Living Wage and Benefits for all workers on campus. VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA –– Capilano University cleaners say $15 an hour is needed right now, not in 2021, as they …

Janitors’ union drive at Capilano University gives rise to campus-wide Living Wage Campaign

Joint worker-student delegation calling for a Living Wage and Benefits for all campus workers win meeting with University President VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA –– Capilano University President Paul Dangerfield was unavailable to accept a joint student-worker delegation Wednesday attempting to deliver …

Cleaners at Capilano University join Justice for Janitors movement

Cleaners employed at Capilano University won their right to join SEIU Local 2 and its Justice for Janitors campaign earlier this month. The BC Labour Board ordered ballots cast by 27 out of 29 cleaners on February 20, 2017 to be unsealed. The union vote was won by an overwhelming majority despite an anti-union fear campaign waged by the boss during the 10 days before the vote.

Take Action on Fight for $15 and Fairness!

The Fight for a $15 minimum wage and fairness at the workplace continues. So far the legislation has been proposed in Ontario but it has not been passed yet. Find out what you can do to make sure it does!

$15 min. wage good for workers AND business

Economist Armine Yalnizyan of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives explains why raising the minimum wage in Ontario to $15 per hour is good for both workers and business. Read her article in Maclean’s …

Inspection blitzes needed to ensure vulnerable workers get paid: Toronto Star Editorial

Inspection blitzes succeed where individual claims don’t in getting workers the pay they’re owed. So why is Ontario’s Ministry of Labour relying on unpaid workers to launch claims?

with Union, Win Concessions from Bosses

Mila Viernes is like many of her compatriots in the oft-ignored world of maintenance staff: she’s a hard worker who balances multiple jobs to keep her family afloat.

Cleaners’ struggle for justice covered in Toronto Star

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Janitors and supporters rally on Bay St.

Mila Viernes is a single mom who needs to work two jobs to make ends meet. Now she’s out of one of those jobs.

While Bank makes Billions, Janitors get the Boot after Health benefits Kick In

J4J takes to the streets with allies to protest loss of union jobs at TD Centre Posted by Justice For Janitors SEIU Local 2 on Friday, July 3, 2015               Bookmark on Delicious Digg this …

In the News: Cleaners and Supporters Rally in Halifax

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Cleaners reach deal with Evripos in Ottawa

On July 24, cleaners in Ottawa employed by Evripos Janitorial Services ratified a Collective Agreement and are now members of SEIU Local 2.

Spotlight shone on issues affecting non-union janitors

Toronto Star: Ontario Law Commission recommends sweeping changes to protect vulnerable workers. A startling rise in “precarious work” — low-wage temp jobs with no benefits — needs to be addressed, says a report offering 47 recommendations.

Month-long strike wins four-year deal for Houston Janitors

We can all be proud of the Houston area janitors, whose brave contract fight and month-long strike secured a tentative agreement that will raise wages 12 percent over four years and beat-back a contractor offer that would have prevented the union from maintaining standards for janitors.