GDI Cleaners @ Cadillac Fairview in Vancouver Win!

GDI workers celebrate a major victory.

GDI workers celebrate a major victory.

We have won a major victory !

The new cleaning company at the Cadillac Fairview properties in Vancouver where GDI workers  clean  has agreed to recognize our union and respect the Collective Agreement we negotiated in March. That means we will keep our seniority, health benefits and wage rates! We also get to keep other important Collective Agreement rights such as sick days, personal days and vacations. This will make an enormous difference in our families’ lives. A big thanks to everyone who supported us in this struggle!

But while we’re very pleased with the outcome at these Cadillac Fairview buildings, another fifty GDI employees are still facing the prospect of losing their jobs at Canada Line as the result of contract flipping with no successorship rights for workers in BC.

Tricom, the new cleaning contractor, has informed SEIU that they will not hire any of the GDI workers. Details can be found here…


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